Christchurch’s definitive urban lifestyle guide

The Cityscape stable pairs industry-leading quarterly magazine with an urban, monthly title which, in combination with their partner website and app, are the definitive urban guide to Christchurch. With 4 seasonal and 12 monthly issues annually, the publications’ dedicated sections for dining, fashion, entertainment, beauty and wellbeing, and home and lifestyle are joined by corresponding seasonal and monthly guides to all the city’s hottest events to form a powerful package that’s designed to help locals rediscover and make the most of their city all-year round. Cityscape is designed around a positive call to action, encouraging readers to experience everything the city has to offer with information on the latest trends, what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s happening in Christchurch.

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Own This City.

The latest city happenings as they happen

Own This City puts Christchurch’s latest updates on the map; who’s doing what and where. Christchurch locals search out Own This City to check out what their favourite places are up to and discover the newest exciting haunts and entertainment options across the city, as well as up-to-the-minute trends and new takes on old favourites delivered with Cityscape’s signature sass.

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Food, glorious food

Feast is the go-to advertising solution for hospitality in Christchurch, and the city’s essential dining guide for readers. Covering the best restaurants, cafés, bars, and gourmet stores the city has to offer, Christchurch locals regard Feast as the essential guide to what’s open, where they are, and what they’re serving up! But there’s more, too; in-depth restaurant reviews, profiles, recipes, a wine guide, and the latest exciting new gourmet products round off these essential pages for anyone who loves food.

Fashion & Wellbeing.

Get the look and feel great doing it; treat yourself

Fashion & Wellbeing taps into the latest trends in fashion, beauty and wellbeing. A celebration of the complete ‘looking good/feeling good’ package, it includes fashion-forward retailers and the best and latest in hair, beauty and fitness, as well as expert advice.

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Home & Lifestyle.

The coolest style and the hottest trends

You’ll find the latest in home and lifestyle design in Home & Lifestyle, as well as info on the latest reads, music, must-sees, toys and travel, covering everything from the hottest trends in interior design to insider Hollywood goss. Cityscape readers trust Home & Lifestyle to keep them informed and ensure they’re always keeping up with the latest trends.

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What’s On.

Your next great night out

What’s On is our readers’ ticket to the latest festivals, events, gigs, and happenings within the city, and includes not only an extensive events guide but more in-depth information on the season’s biggest events in the city, interviews, and more. With this in mind, Christchurch locals hang out for What’s On, knowing they won’t miss out on a thing with Cityscape in their handbag, on their desk, or in their phone!

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Cityscape monthly.

If you think you know Christchurch, you’re in for a surprise

Cityscape’s monthly magazine is the über hip monthly companion publication to Christchurch’s favourite quarterly lifestyle bible, and the hottest ticket on all things socially relevant and of the moment in the city. A carefully curated highlights reel that channels everything from the city’s essential events, latest venues and all things trending through to exciting discoveries and catching up with some seriously cool locals, Cityscape monthly is the essential on-the-ground guide to exploring and experiencing the very best Christchurch has to offer. Urban, edgy and rocking some serious street smarts, Cityscape is Christchurch’s barometer of cool and the city’s go-to-guide for all the latest in entertainment, food, restaurants and dining; bars and nightlife; gigs, live music, movies, influencers, fashion, beauty and wellbeing; and all the hottest events, exhibitions, performances, arts and festivals, as well as all things trending and Cityscape-esque.

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